Q-HOP Gifts gifts for every occassion delivered to your doorstep

Q-hop Gifts

 Q-HOP Gifts 
a fun place to shop..

     Shopping on the Q-hop Gifts webstore allows you to shop on your schedule.  Not, only do you have the online products, there are e-catalogues for your convenience.  Using the store directory to browse for the gift item or personal item.  Remember check out is easy using your PayPal account. 
    Have a fundraising need for an organization where you are a member?  Contact us.  We have a variety of items and/or programs available. 
    Remember to register using your e-mail.  This entitles you to an automatic 15% discount and updates on promotions, and timely newsetters.  

 Q-hop Gifts  
"a fun place to shop." 

Special note to wedding registery shoppers.  You will need your bride's e-mail address to have access to her wish list.  For example for Charlotte Noe her e-mail is charlotte.r.noe@gmail.com.  Also, create a wishlist for yourself to share with your family and friends for special occassions. 

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